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Surfer Sanctuary is A Manual Traffic Exchange.

There Are 3 Membership Groups That This TE Is Looking For!

- Group 1 -
[The Surfers]

This group is those who just enjoy surfing!
They will usually have 1 or 2 favorite programs in rotation.
Also called Sites. They would be mainly interested
in surfing and chatting with other Surfers.

They also benefit from free membership and the occasional prizes won while surfing daily here. These Prizes generally are cash, credits, banners, text ad impressions... As well as CTP XP / Zubees / Porky Points.

There is also Team Surfing so that they can interact with other surfers and have fun competition with other Surfing Teams!

Loyalty is a strong characteristic in this group and there are loyalty rewards available. This Includes Daily Surfer and Avg Daily Surfer Rewards.



- Group 2 -
[The Affiliate Marketers]

This group is those who just want to refer others here and enjoy commissions on purchases that their downline make!

These individuals will usually do very well because they know how to build good sized downlines. They also are great at branding themselves and are usually well known among the TE community / network.

This doesn't limit this group to experts...It is encouraged to promote this TE as much as you want using the affiliate tools found on the inside!



- Group 3 -
[The Sponsors/ Advertisers]

This group is for those that don't have time to surf but want their ads shown 24/7. They have the option to purchase
credits / banner impressions / and more.

These members are usually well known in the marketing community and are offering some great programs to the other members here!

This group is welcomed and hope you will give Surfer Sanctuary the oppurtunity to help you with your promotions!


If you think you would interested in this Traffic Exchange Then Please

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